App in a Snap

We have revolutionized the iPhone App process so that for the first time, you can have one for your business.

Our service is built for you.    Because people are moving from their desk computers to their phones as a primary source of information, major companies have begun to create corporate iPhone Apps in order to reach people where they are. They understand that the growth of iPhone Apps is staggering and is forecasted to continue growing in the upcoming years. As a result, their marketing dollars are being invested in this new platform allowing them to market to the mobile population. What once was only for large budgets, is now available to you. For the first time, the ability for a smaller company to have a business iPhone App is accessible since we have taken the complexities and costs out of the process.

Beaver Creek Consulting is providing a unique service that takes out the difficulties of creating an iPhone App. We have figured out how to tie in content from your existing website and other social media tools so that your company can have an App to reach the mobile user. Not only do we incorporate material from your site, we can also tie in your videos, blogs, RSS feeds, or tweets to create a "mashup". Each of your feeds will allow us to create a robust app that you can provide to your prospects and existing customers. If you don't have this extra material, we will guide you so that your business can still have an App on the iTunes store easily.

We have, also, taken out the expense of the long hours and have created a repeatable process so that we can provide you with an app quickly and efficiently. As a matter of fact, there isn't much that you have to do on your end to create an App. Our service, App in a Snap, has been designed to make having an iPhone App accessible to your company.

App in a Snap is:
  • Cheap - About $2,000 for your own customized app. Usual cost is $15,000 - $20,000.
  • Easy - You tell us about your website and we will do the software development.
  • Fast - Your app will be complete in two weeks. Usual time is two months.
Selecting App in a Snap is the best choice when selecting an iPhone development company.