Have a Presence Where People Are

When people go mobile, revenue follows.

Make sure that you business follows too and doesn't get left behind.

Gone are the days of traditional advertising. As we have come to know, magazine publications, newspapers and the yellow pages have all suffered tremendously in the last several years due to the fact that people are no longer using these media as places to get information. Most successful businesses have learned over the past several years that people have been finding information over the Internet from their laptops or computers. This opened up industries and jobs in web development, search engine optimization, pay per click expertise, and social marketing. In the last few years, this too is changing at an astonishingly rapid pace. While these roles are still vital and growing, a growing trend is beginning to take over.

People are rapidly moving from their desktops and are using their mobile phones to get information and shop. People's passion for Apps (software that is designed to work on mobile devices) seems to be insatiable. According to AdMob, Apple's app economy is worth over $2.4 billion a year!

More than three billion apps have been downloaded in less than 18 months. Steve Job's, Apple's CEO said, "this is like nothing we've ever seen before." When your app goes live on the iTunes store, people can download it and have your icon display on the device that goes with them everywhere and all of the time.

For the first time, users can get real time information, about your business. They can find details about what your selling to include items like your menu, coupons, listings, promotions, directions, phone number, your Tweets, blogs, etc... The opportunities are as endless as your imagination. When you catch people through the medium that they love (i.e. Apps), your message is embraced readily and can foster daily addiction. People tend to enjoy checking up on the latest and greatest from their phones. If there is any place to invest your marketing dollars, it would be to catch the huge momentum behind iPhone Apps.