The importance of having an App

Companies that utilize hot marketing channels improve their bottom line.

Intead of a tossed-out brochure, engage them when they reach for their phone.

* ROI - Return on Investment

The smartphone has quickly become people's computer. The computing power has become significant enough that people are using these devices for everything including email, shopping, GPS navigation, bar code scanning, taking pictures, and advertising. On a regular basis throughout the day, people check their phones for information. You see it constantly -- while people are in meetings, walking or with a friend at a restaurant, people can't seem to get enough of current information. Wherever we are, we seem to be hooked on what is happening in the world around us and we can now get that information from the devices in our pockets and purses at a whim.

Businesses are responding. Frost and Sullivan predicts that virtually all phones in the U.S. will be smartphones. They move on to predict that nearly 1.3 billion mobile phones will ship globally. What this means to you is that your business should have a presence on everyone's mobile devices since this is where people are. We are starting to see a significant and fast moving trend where established businesses are adopting apps to better market their brands.

By the end of this year, Gartner, an information technology research company, predicts that consumers will download more than 4.5 billion apps and revenue will rise over $6.7 billion. As a result, major corporations across a variety of industries (examples include Marriott, Target, Chipotle) have recognized this and have created apps for people to shop and make purchases. Companies understand that they need to get their brand in front of the user and what better place to do so other than through people's passion for their mobile device.

For the first time, small companies can afford an App. Thus far, it has been the major name brand corporations that have been pushing Apps into the iTunes store. Their large marketing budgets allow them to be the first movers in this exciting and rapidly evolving industry. It isn't often that you will see a real estate agent, a small restaurant or a travel agent who has managed to own an App. This is reminiscent of the early days of the Internet where only the big companies had a web presence.

Beaver Creek Consulting has solved this problem by streamlining the process. By doing so, they are able to take out the extra time, expense and headaches involved with understanding the iTunes acceptance process, the software development timeline, the testing turn-around and filling out Apple's forms and legalities. This cost savings can directly be passed onto the customer. Consequentially, apps are made smarter, faster and cheaper! As with having a website, small companies can again compete with the big corporations for a minimal amount of marketing investment.