App in a Snap - What do I need to do?

You tell us a little about your website.

We take it from there.

Beaver Creek Consulting has created App in a Snap in order for you to have an App quickly and efficiently so that you can reach your audience where they are. By now, we know that because smartphones are faster and cheaper, they have outpaced sales of computers globally. Millions of people worldwide are now shopping and finding out information using their iPhones as opposed to waiting until they get to their computer at their home or office. Because the first rule of marketing is to have a presence where your customers and prospects are, it has become important for businesses to have a presence on mobile devices.

The first step in getting an App is to let us know a little bit about your website. In order to design an App, we want to know what pages are important to you and what pictures you would like to use. You can let us know what feeds that you are currently suing such as existing blogs, videos, Twitter accounts, RSS feeds, etc. Because social media is expected to grow exponentially over the iPhone, this will give you a clear advantage over the competition. People realize the value of staying connected and now can do so from wherever they go.

After Beaver Creek Consulting has gathered enough information in order to create your App, we will assess the likelihood of the Apple iTunes store accepting your content. Apple will take a few weeks to review applications since they have built a store that people can trust. They care about the products that they represent and want to ensure that each App meets their standards. For example some of the things that they look for include whether or not the App has enough content or if there are bugs within the App such as dead links, a failure to launch, etc... Beaver Creek Consulting will go through the long list of potential conflicts and will determine if you could have a viable product. If the answer appears to be "yes", we will immediately get back to you and let you know that we can move forward!

Now that we think your App may get approved, we will collect payment from you along with some more details regarding your App choices. This information will allow us to customize an App for your business. Beaver Creek Consulting has created an easy form that will allow you to make fun choices such as how to price the App, if you wish to go worldwide, the name of the App, etc... After having gone through the process ourselves many times, we have taken the out of the process and will provide you with this streamlined checklist that you can go through in less than 15 minutes.

We will create your App in less than two weeks. By using our in-house labs, we will assign a software developer to your account to create the App. Again, because we have gone through this with Apple, we have managed to create an elegant solution which removes the normal difficulties and challenges that are associated with App creation. This new streamlined process will allow us to provide a very quick turn-around. Our graphics team will work in conjunction with our software developers. They will ensure that your icon images meet the iTunes requirements. After the App has been developed, the software will move to a tester. The testing team will test the App on an iPhone and on our Apple simulator.

After final testing on our end, we will submit it to the App Store for their review process. The App review is in the hands of Apple and acceptance is on a case by case basis. It is difficult for us to know for certain as to whether or not your App will be approved. Once it is approved, however, it will show up on the iTunes store in less than two hours.

If it looks like your App will not get approved, our Marketing Department is available to help you. We will give you immediate feedback and won't move forward with sending your App to Apple. We will provide you with some alternatives to get your online presence ready. Should you feel comfortable making modifications on your own, we will wait for you until you're ready for our analysis again. Typical reasons for Apple Store rejections can include:
  • Your App has one feed.
  • Each feed has less than 8 entries.
  • You have included a Facebook feed. (Facebook has put limitations on access to their feeds).
  • You included a picture of yourself to use as an icon, splash screen or a header. (Apple is rejecting these on a regular basis at this point in time).
We will work with you so that your App has a high likelihood of being accepted and will do everything possible from our end. While there is a high chance of approval, we cannot guarantee acceptance. If it turns out that you need extra content and need assistance, you can work with our Marketing division. They can help make your business more robust by doing things such as writing eight blog entries; creating a branded Twitter account for you or setting up other RSS feeds for your company. These efforts will be charged on an hourly basis making it easy for you to decide upfront how much work you would like to have done. These efforts are designed to ensure that your company is better positioned to have the material that Apple looks for.