App in a Snap - Why Beaver Creek Consulting?

We're the only service with experience.

What differentiates our services is that we have experience in creating well-received, award-winning apps for both the Blackberry and for Apple's iPhone. Part of having been so successful is that we understand the ever-changing guidelines and requirements that both Apple and RIM have. Most specifically, Apple wants to ensure that Apps that sell on the iTunes store are of value to the customer as opposed to being a pure marketing play for companies.

We will guide you through the process so that your App is poised to be accepted and useful to your customers. While there aren't any guarantees due to the often subjective nature of acceptance, we will bring our technical and marketing experience to the forefront so that you're comfortable with the development of you iPhone App. By talking to the actual person that will be creating your App, there won't be any surprises when the work is done.