You can have Perl 5 when you peel my cold dead hands off of it.

I started working with Perl in 2000 and along with C++ Perl is the language I cut my teeth on as a professional developer.

5.8 has been my favorite release.   With Perl 6 taking a while to be production ready I’ve been planning on using 5.8 forever.  Well, it turns out forever isn’t that long.  The end of Perl 5.8 has been announced.  The good news is that Perl 5 will continue as Perl 5.10.

Maybe I’ll never upgrade to Perl 6.  Perhaps this point is moot, as I’m using Perl less and less these days.  I’ve been turning to Groovy.

But — when I need something complicated done right now, my goto is Perl 5.

3 Responses to “You can have Perl 5 when you peel my cold dead hands off of it.”

  1. chromatic says:

    How much vaporware do you know with monthly stable releases and daily reports on specification test coverage?

  2. martykube says:

    @chromatic – You’re correct – vaporware is an inflammatory word choice and not accurate. I’m revising the post.

  3. chromatic says:

    Your rephrasing is a big improvement. Thank you!

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