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Duplicate Blackberry Entries

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Where was life without the Blackberry phone?  Now, we can check or send email messages while bored at a meeting, at a game, or in a class.  In other words, our ability to connect has become so mobile that our lifestyles have truly changed.

All of this started when I came home with my exciting package which contained my new toy within.  I followed the instructions so that I could get my email addresses from my accounts onto the Blackberry.  This would give me the freedom to be away from a desk and still have the flexibility to connect.  I, now had all of my email addresses of my friends downloaded onto my Smartphone.

There was a glitch, however.  I noticed that I suddenly had five entries for my friend “Dimitri Gumm”.  I had put in her home phone number into the SIM card four years ago.  When she called me on her cell phone, I captured  this into the same SIM card into another entry. Without realizing it, I also put in her work phone number when she sneaked in a break to tell me about upcoming layoffs.  Thus far, I had three entries for Dimitri without really realizing it. I transferred this information to my new Blackberry.

Now that I had this cool new device and had downloaded my addresses from Yahoo and Gmail, my Blackberry told me that I now knew five Dimitri Gumm’s , yet I only have met one!  I figured that I had no choice but to live with this headache.  With five entries, I could just hit the scroll button on my Blackberry, then hit enter and then view the content five times over before I hit what I needed, right?

Wrong!  I just discovered Contacts Cleaner.  Blackberry now sells this app for $2.99 that consolidates your contacts into one entry.  So, now I have one entry for my friend Dimitri Gumm and all of her phone numbers and email addresses are merged into this one entry.  The hassels of using my phone are finally gone.

I highly recommend this solution for the modern day Blackberry user.  I was so excited about this application that I felt the need to write about it and share my find.  Thanks Blackberry App World!  Keep up the good work.

Take Your Business Online – Use a Checklist

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

It’s a great time to have an online business.  Internet costs are low and the time to have an online company set up is short.  Whether or not you currently have a business or have thoughts about great business ideas, you can be online in less than a few days.  As you probably know, online shopping continues to grow as more and more people around the world are using the Internet.  During the 2009 holiday season, U.S. consumers spent $27.1 billion through online shopping.  Despite the recession, this was a 5% increase when compared to 2008.

All of this points to people’s acceptance of ecommerce and why having a presence on the Internet is so important.  You business should be where the shoppers are:  online.  There are many resources that you can tap into that will cover how to get started.  You can visit your Chamber of Commerce, find articles o the Internet, hire an outside firm or purchase a variety of books. If you are looking for a simple e-book which covers all of the basics and has a checklist at the back of book, however, I would recommend Take Your Business Online:  A Checklist to Success.

This book covers everything that a beginner needs to know in order to get started.  Without having to purchase an SEO book, a design book, a how to blog book, etc…, you will find a nice overview in this short and easy to read product.  While it is selling for the Kindle on Amazon, you can simply download it for $9.50 and have it by your side as you go through the steps of getting your company set up.  Good luck with your company and remember to have fun with it!