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Health Care Reform Calculator Available with iTunes

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

We just launched the Health Care Reform App for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. We designed a calculator which lets people know how this bill affects them. After users download this App from the iTunes store, they can use an easy-to-use interface which provides results based on individual scenarios.

The Health Reform Calculator App comes at a time when the country is asking questions as to how the changes will affect them based on factors such as their income, their state of residence and existing insurance plans. Instead of having people pour through websites or read through the entire bill, we wanted to provide answers that mean something to each and every person. It was designed to be intuitive. After users enter several factors regarding their personal situation, the results from the calculator will show how the bill will impact life. More specifically, it estimates what it could mean for health coverage and taxes based on income, current insurance status and location.

It’s exciting to see that the iTunes approved the App since their approval process goes through a series of strict standards. We are selling the Health Care Reform Calculator for 99 cents and look forward to receiving your feedback!

RIM Places Contacts Cleaner on Best Blackberry App List

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Alongside of nationally known brands like CBS and The Sierra Club, our Contacts Cleaner App was chosen by RIM as a top 9 Best Blackberry App. RIM is the company behind the award-winning Blackberry smartphone. Two weeks ago, they created this list of the top Blackberry App picks that people will enjoy while they are experiencing spring fever. This is a cute theme and it could be that Blackberry wants to target the audience that seeks fun from their smartphones.

Berry Review summarized this top 9 list beautifully and it’s a huge honor that in their opening paragraph, the author states, “I have to wholeheartedly agree with their choice of Contacts Cleaner.”  The article highlights how RIM often puts together lists of the best Apps for a season. By using the theme of the spring season, Contacts Cleaner is a great choice for “spring cleaning”.

It’s been an exciting few months with our iPhone App making the list of best iPhone Apps just last month. Sharing that list with the likes of Digg and Bing really put that App on the map! Now, we have another reason to celebrate!

Contacts Cleaner Makes RIM’s Top 9 Blackberry App List

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Two weeks ago, RIM announced the list of best and most useful Blackberry Apps for spring.  Beaver Creek Consulting’s Blackberry Contacts Cleaner App made the list.  The list incorporates activities that we like to undertake during the spring months.  The Sierra Club’s App for picnics made this list, for example.  CBS has an App for baseball enthusiasts.  Barbeques, fishing and spring cleaning are other areas which just sound like spring.

It’s in the spring cleaning category that Contacts Cleaner falls into.  By removing duplicates from your address book, you can start the season off right.  Berry Review highlighted this story and mentions that they ”wholeheartedly agree” with the Contacts Cleaner choice.

This is an exciting list!  I plan on downloading at least half of them!  I like the idea of picnic lunches during a hike and an App which can guide me through backyard grilling.  Happy Spring Everyone!!