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Contacts Cleaner 2.6

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Version 2.6 of Contacts Cleaner is now available at BlackBerry App World, Mobihand, iTunes, and Verizon VCAST App Stores.

Version 2.6 features full support for the BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry OS 6.

Contacts Cleaner features lights-out processing of your address book.  We have many users who have used Contacts Cleaner to fix address books with 5,000 or 10,000 contacts and four copies of each contact.

We use one-pass processing without prompting you on how to merge the duplicates.  If you have only a few duplicates which you want to merge in a very specific way (you choose which phone numbers to keep), then the best solution is to manually clean up your address book.

On the other hand, if your address book gets totally messed up by a synchronization gone bad and you now have 5 copies of each and every contact, then Contacts Cleaner is a perfect solution for you.

Contact Cleaner does not stop and ask you what to do with each contact.  The App finds duplicates by matching on contact name and then does the right thing to merge all of the duplicates down to one contact.

We have had many users suggest that we stop and ask how to handle each duplicate.  That will not work for address books with 5,000 contacts.  Few people will want to stop and consider each of several thousand contacts.

Our goal for Contacts Cleaner is to do  pretty good job without bothering you about how to get the job done.  We want to make your life a little better by quickly and efficiently reducing the chaos in your address book.

AOL Small Business Selects Contacts Cleaner as Top Blackberry App

Monday, November 8th, 2010

As of October 27th 2010, Contacts Cleaner made AOL’s Small Business List of Top Apps to have for the Blackberry.  Business users have proven to be loyal to their Blackberry devices.  They tried the iPhone in the Apple stores and bypassed the iPad entirely.  The people who are using the Blackberry smartphones are sticking with it since it has proven to be useful in all aspects of business.

Given how people use their Blackberry phones, a short list of the must-have apps was selected.  These all entail apps that make the busy consumer’s life easier.  The Business Card Reader app is a great example of an app that allows people to streamline their lives by scanning in business cards.

The BuzzOff App gets a great recommendation from AOL as well.  This App allows users to block individual phone numbers so that you can reduce the amount of annoying sales calls and free up your busy schedule.

The Contacts Cleaner App made this list to round out making your day more efficient.  This app, as we have mentioned before, reduces the clutter in your address book.  By merging the fields with the duplicate entries, you can finally scale down an over-sized address book to a list of addresses which is easy to manage.

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