Amazon Integration Services – The details

We recently completed an Amazon integration project.  I suspect that “integration project” might leave you wondering what exactly we did.  So here are the details of the solution we provided.

The client needed to list a lot of products on Amazon, i.e. a couple thousand products at a time.  We wrote a web-based application where the client could upload an inventory file.  The file described each product with a UPC or ASIN a SKU, price, quantity, etc.  Our application then creates the listing on Amazon for each product.

Our application automates the steps an Amazon merchant goes through at seller central to upload an inventory file.  Our solution makes uploading inventory an easy process and will scale up to thousands of products.  This helps the merchant to avoid the pain of using the clunky Amazon interface which is time consuming and manual.  Also, we can create a custom adapter that pulls the products from your database or whatever back-end system  you use.

Our client was also using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).   As part of the same system we automated  the assignment of Amazon fulfillment network identifiers (FN SKU), notification to FBA of inbound shipments and checking for shipment receipt at the Amazon FBA warehouse.

If you are finding yourself fighting with a large number of products and your IT system is not up to the task of maintaining your Amazon listing, contact us for a free evaluation.

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