Amazon Integration Services

We are happy to announce that we are now offering Amazon integration services.  If you are doing business on Amazon and need to connect your back office system to Amazon we can help you out.

For our most recent project we automated the business processes of a mid-sized book wholesaler.  The wholesaler’s biggest challenge was that inventory tended to spend too many days in the warehouse.   This had a direct impact on the bottom line as space utilization and turnover rates are key metrics for the business.

Some of the delays were due to a complex re-packaging and labeling process.  The majority of the delays were in communication and coordinating with external parties involved in the transaction.

In conjunction with the wholesaler we analyzed and re-engineered the business process.  The net result was an 80% improvement in utilization and turnover rate.

The key features our system provides are automated listings on the Amazon market place and seamless integration with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).  We have a solution that automates communication with third parties and provides bar code labeling for shipments.  Our integration services can help Amazon sellers to have seamless back office processes which, fundamentally, will impact their bottom line!

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