Groovy Corner – Software Solutions Designed by Beaver Creek Consulting

The world of buying books is an ever-shifting landscape.  A company called Groovy Corner has partnered with Amazon and I noticed that they always seem to have the cheapest prices on popular book titles.

They are using a software system that allows for instant communication with their third party vendors.  It, also, provides for immediate labeling which allows a book wholesaler to ship to an Amazon shipment service.   The particular software, that accomplishes this task, works behind the scenes in order to compete with other vendors in terms of pricing and positioning.  Groovy Corner seems to be one of the few vendors that has this service right now, but I’m sure that other retailers will begin to compete very quickly.  Inevitably, the end result will be cheaper products delivered to us which is what the smart shopper continues to seek.

I have become a loyal buyer of Groovy Corner only because it seems as though they are at the top of any category of items that they sell within Amazon in terms of quality, price and ratings.  The benefits of automated software keep getting better and better for an end user like me and I wanted to share this tip while it’s current!


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