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I just finished up an Amazon integration project for  The client does a large volume of business on Amazon and also uses Amazon FBA for fulfillment.  We created a web based application where our client could create Amazon listing.  The application creates bulk listings and also schedules shipments into FBA.  We provided the entire solution from requirements and analysis to deployment on Amazon’s EC2 cloud.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the technology I used.  I picked grails since time is money, I’m a JEE developer and I like Perl.  Okay, so I use groovy now instead of Perl so grails seemed like a nice choice.

Grails rocks.  I built a mid-sized domain model with about 20 tables (Items, Skus, Orders, Inventory, Customers, etc) and let grails generate the rest of the application. The default CRUD web application solved 90% of the customer’s needs.

The biggest challenge was integrating with Amazon’s  Market Place Web Service and FBA Web Service interfaces.  I used the Amazon Java client which seemed to be a straight forward web service binding.

Other parts of the tools set  included the SpringSource Tool Suite and a several grails plugins such as quartz for batch job scheduling  and for the spring security core for user management.

The one bump in the tool chain was a database version tracking.  Next time I’ll use the grails liquibase plugin.

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  1. Peter Ledbrook says:

    You may want to use the Database Migration plugin instead:

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