Amazon Event Notification Web Service – Java SDK ivy dependicies

Event Notification Web Service (ENS) is an interesting Amazon API.  It was launched in 2007 and seems to have a mixed history.  It is really not clear if this is supported or not.  The published documentation is minimal:

The forum has no Amazon folks in sight:

Some of the older APIs that have been abandoned clearly state that fact in the forum.   For example, the Amazon Inventory Management (AIM) API is superseded by MWS:

I think this API has been abandoned without such a post.  This API seems to be supported by folks from Seller Ceneteral and not AWS.  Maybe this is a relic of a internal power struggle with ENS getting the short end of the stick.

In any case, a java SDK can be downloaded as an eclipse project from here:

The main issue with getting the project to compile is that the required jars are not included.  Here is a ivy dependency list that worked for me:

<dependency org=”commons-httpclient” name=”commons-httpclient” rev=”3.1″ />
<dependency org=”org.apache.axis” name=”axis” rev=”1.4″/>
<dependency org=”” name=”jaxws-api” rev=”2.0″/>
<dependency org=”” name=”jaxws-rt” rev=”2.1.3″/>
<dependency org=”” name=”jaxws-tools” rev=”2.1.3″/>
<dependency org=”xalan” name=”xalan” rev=”2.7.1″/>
<dependency org=”org.apache.cxf” name=”cxf-bundle-minimal” rev=”2.2.3″/>
<dependency org=”commons-discovery” name=”commons-discovery” rev=”0.4″/>
<dependency org=”javax.xml” name=”jaxrpc-api” rev=”1.1″/>

The one other issue is that the source code refeers to:


in a few places.  Change this to:


and you should be off to the races.

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