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Adding Mobile Marketing to your Marketing Strategy

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

If you already didn’t have enough on your plate, it’s time to add one more “to-do” to your marketing mix: mobile marketing. Mobile Marketing involves advertising to your customer through mobile devices. You can either send your audience a marketing message or send a link which takes your audience to your mobile site. The benefit of marketing to people’s smart phones is that you can target your audience with more precision than television, radio or print advertising.

Specifically, mobile marketing allows promoters to send out inexpensive customized campaigns to well-defined people where they can respond immediately. This form of advertising is real time and goes anywhere the consumer goes. In other words, the prospect doesn’t need to be in front of his/her computer or television set.

Also, the ad can be hone in on a particular demographic based on age, gender, profession, location. There is the potential for your message to be passed along to others with ease. Finally, when an individual clicks on the ad, you are able to measure the success rate of the ad that you placed.

When studies show that 51% of U.S. mobile users responded to mobile advertising in 2008, it indicates that this is a medium that should not be ignored. Also, over 60% of the world’s population use mobile phones which translates into tremendous growth opportunities for reaching your audience.
Companies can integrate the mobile phone into their existing marketing mix and have a strategy that can include mobile coupons, special promotions, real time information about events, etc… However the ads are used, it is important to make sure that they can be downloaded quickly and are on clean pages. There should be clear and well-defined objectives with easy navigation for the customer to get to your goal. We know that getting more customers from anywhere and anytime to reach your goal, leads to successful marketing programs.