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PHP PEAR on GoDaddy

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Today I moved the server side components of to my hosting service for the first time.  Yahoo — the launch is getting closer!

The sever side is done in PHP due to the extreme cost effectiveness of hosted LAMP.  I used a few modules from the most excellent PEAR collection.  All good, except when I installed the code at, I was missing the PEAR modules.

The PEAR modules are a lot of code, so I was very happy to find this clear and concise blog posting that explained how to install PEAR at GoDaddy.  Basically, you install an installer on your web account and then use a web based front end to install your selected PEAR components.

Clearing and Busting the GWT Hosted Mode Cache

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

We’ve chosen to use GWT for Beaver Creek Consulting’s latest product (Simply Schedules).  The back end is a REST API with JSON payloads.

I was having trouble with the hosted mode browser.  A list of application objects for a luser are loaded with a request to the server such as:

GET /app/luser/items

The issue is that as the application runs, the list of items on the server changes.  Next time I tried to load the list of items from the server, the hosted browser sees the same URL and decides to use the cached response.

This post on the GWT forum recommended clearing the IE (if you are on windows) cache.  I needed something more permanent as the cache issue is part of the normal operation of the client (this is to say it modifies the items).

The correct answer is to not clear the cache, but to bust the cache.  A little bit of research shows that appending a query parameter with a random number or a timestamp will do the trick.  For the above example, I used the current timestamp:

GET /app/luser/items?cache-buster=1233516109751

The timestamp is generated in “Java” on the client:

String url = "/app/luser/items?cache-buster=" + new java.util.Date().getTime();

It’s quite likely that you don’t even need to name the parameter, just append the time stamp:

GET /app/luser/items?1233516109751

JoomlaPack Rocks!

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

I’ve been working on Beaver Creek Consulting’s latest product (Simply Schedules) and had a chance to use JoomlaPack.  Story short — it rocks.

I’m using Joomla for this site as I’ve decided that a CMS is the way to go.

I spent many hours configuring the site.  I did all of this work live on my shared hosting account.  Late today, after many hours of trial and tribulations, the site started to look good enough that I was happy with it.  My next thought was, I need a back up!

Joomla keeps stuff on the file system of the web server and in a MySql database.  That’s a pain to back up.

So, I found JoomlaPack, which you can just install in as a Joomla 1.5 component and then create a complete backup of the file system and database.

After I made the backup, I used kickstart to restore to my local development server.   No Problems!

I have to say that JoomlaPack is a great tool.  You can backup your production site, restore production in case of serious issues, and use JoomlaPack to move your site between environments and/or servers.

Rock away JoomlaPack!