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Contacts Cleaner Review – A Must Have Says

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Kyle McInnes, popular blogger and company founder, gave us a tremendous compliment this past month. In his blog on, he says, Contacts Cleaner “ was one of the best app purchases I have ever made”.   He goes on to say that Contacts Cleaner found over 35,000 entries and 15,000 duplicates in his address book. These duplicates were ruining his address book and came from the fact that he has around 15 Google Apps accounts connected to his device.  With the use of Contacts Cleaner, he was able to remove the duplicates easily and with positive results.

He outlines how using Contacts Cleaner is one of the simplest experiences one could ever have with a BlackBerry app and that it is a must-have appliation for anyone who has duplicate contacts. He contacted us and told us that Contacts Cleaner is so valuable that he would have paid $10.00 for the app as opposed to the listed 99 cents.  It is really rewarding to receive this type of feedback from a well-respected individual in the industry!

Amazon Event Notification Web Service – Java SDK ivy dependicies

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Event Notification Web Service (ENS) is an interesting Amazon API.  It was launched in 2007 and seems to have a mixed history.  It is really not clear if this is supported or not.  The published documentation is minimal:

The forum has no Amazon folks in sight:

Some of the older APIs that have been abandoned clearly state that fact in the forum.   For example, the Amazon Inventory Management (AIM) API is superseded by MWS:

I think this API has been abandoned without such a post.  This API seems to be supported by folks from Seller Ceneteral and not AWS.  Maybe this is a relic of a internal power struggle with ENS getting the short end of the stick.

In any case, a java SDK can be downloaded as an eclipse project from here:

The main issue with getting the project to compile is that the required jars are not included.  Here is a ivy dependency list that worked for me:

<dependency org=”commons-httpclient” name=”commons-httpclient” rev=”3.1″ />
<dependency org=”org.apache.axis” name=”axis” rev=”1.4″/>
<dependency org=”” name=”jaxws-api” rev=”2.0″/>
<dependency org=”” name=”jaxws-rt” rev=”2.1.3″/>
<dependency org=”” name=”jaxws-tools” rev=”2.1.3″/>
<dependency org=”xalan” name=”xalan” rev=”2.7.1″/>
<dependency org=”org.apache.cxf” name=”cxf-bundle-minimal” rev=”2.2.3″/>
<dependency org=”commons-discovery” name=”commons-discovery” rev=”0.4″/>
<dependency org=”javax.xml” name=”jaxrpc-api” rev=”1.1″/>

The one other issue is that the source code refeers to:


in a few places.  Change this to:


and you should be off to the races.

Beaver Creek Consulting’s App Makes top Five

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Contacts Cleaner, our Blackberry App, made’s Top 5 Paid App list. The author said that he is always on the lookout for the best Blackberry Apps on AppWorld and greatly enjoyed our $2.99 App which cleans your address book.

He is basing his short list based on reviews and his own experience. The other apps that we share the spotlight with include: Personal Assistant Premium, Conservative Survival Pocket Guide, BuzzOff.

You can read more on InfoMov’s site.