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Contacts Cleaner Review – A Must Have Says

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Kyle McInnes, popular blogger and company founder, gave us a tremendous compliment this past month. In his blog on, he says, Contacts Cleaner “ was one of the best app purchases I have ever made”.   He goes on to say that Contacts Cleaner found over 35,000 entries and 15,000 duplicates in his address book. These duplicates were ruining his address book and came from the fact that he has around 15 Google Apps accounts connected to his device.  With the use of Contacts Cleaner, he was able to remove the duplicates easily and with positive results.

He outlines how using Contacts Cleaner is one of the simplest experiences one could ever have with a BlackBerry app and that it is a must-have appliation for anyone who has duplicate contacts. He contacted us and told us that Contacts Cleaner is so valuable that he would have paid $10.00 for the app as opposed to the listed 99 cents.  It is really rewarding to receive this type of feedback from a well-respected individual in the industry!

RIM Places Contacts Cleaner on Best Blackberry App List

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Alongside of nationally known brands like CBS and The Sierra Club, our Contacts Cleaner App was chosen by RIM as a top 9 Best Blackberry App. RIM is the company behind the award-winning Blackberry smartphone. Two weeks ago, they created this list of the top Blackberry App picks that people will enjoy while they are experiencing spring fever. This is a cute theme and it could be that Blackberry wants to target the audience that seeks fun from their smartphones.

Berry Review summarized this top 9 list beautifully and it’s a huge honor that in their opening paragraph, the author states, “I have to wholeheartedly agree with their choice of Contacts Cleaner.”  The article highlights how RIM often puts together lists of the best Apps for a season. By using the theme of the spring season, Contacts Cleaner is a great choice for “spring cleaning”.

It’s been an exciting few months with our iPhone App making the list of best iPhone Apps just last month. Sharing that list with the likes of Digg and Bing really put that App on the map! Now, we have another reason to celebrate!