Contacts Cleaner™

Merge duplicate contacts in your BlackBerry address book

Contacts Cleaner is an easy way to fix a large Blackberry address book bloated with many duplicate contacts. With a single click, Contacts Cleaner quickly and efficiently eliminates duplicate contacts so that you can have a quicker user experience when searching for email addresses or phone numbers.

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Fidelity Investments selects Contacts Cleaner as top 12 App

Contacts Cleaner makes RIM's top 9 BlackBerry app list

"Highly recommend! If you have an address book, you need this app!"

"Easy interface and great communication with vendor."

"Super simple to use. Removed like a 100 duplicate contacts in a few minutes. Sweet!."

"It's the only thing that seems to work."

Clean up multiple entries easily

Fortunately, we have come up with a simple and elegant solution with Contacts Cleaner. Contacts Cleaner will combine all of the entries into one record. After you have cleaned up your address book, you can now see one listing for your friend or family member. Each single record can finally contain all of his or information so that you can speedily send that email message or place that call.

Blackberry's popularity is growing on a daily basis world-wide. This means that people, regularly, are downloading their email addresses from their online address book. After the download is complete, most people will find that they have multiple entries for the same person. Most of us have chosen to accept that is okay. Others have realized that using the copy/paste function and then manually deleting records just doesn't work. Instead we live with the hassle of having entries for someone's work phone number, home number, cell phone number, personal email address, work address, etc...

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