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Quick Start

  • Backup - Before you start it is advisable to backup your address book with the BlackBerry Device Manager.
  • Clean - Select the Clean option from the menu to eliminate duplicates from your address book. Contacts that have the same name (first and/or last name for a person, or company name for an organization) are merged into one contact.
  • Restore - Choose the Restore option from the Contacts Cleaner menu to recover any data that was discarded during the Clean process.
  • Help - Choose the Help option to view the help, support, and version information.

How it Works

Contacts Cleaner is intended to quickly and significantly reduce the clutter in your address book. As such, it is completely automated and does not pause for guidance on how to merge contacts. Contacts Cleaner will processes your entire address book in one pass.

The first step in the cleaning process is to identify duplicate contacts. Duplicate contacts have the same name (first and/or last name for persons, and company name for organizations). Within each pair of duplicates, one contact is selected as the duplicate and the other contact is retained in the address book. The data contained in the duplicate contact is copied over to the retained contact. The duplicate is then removed from the address book.

The above merge process is a good solution for automated, quick cleaning of your address book. However, in some cases there is a potential data loss. For example, each contact can hold only two email addresses. If two duplicate contacts have four different email address, two must be discarded. In this case, Contacts Cleaner retains the most likely two email addresses in the address book. In order to prevent data loss, the discarded contact is retained outside of the address book.

You can recover the information associated with the duplicate contacts using the Restore option. All of the discarded duplicate contacts are returned to the address book. You should then edit the contact to remove the items you wish to discard and re-run the Clean process.


How does Contacts Cleaner work?
We put little gnomes with Windex inside your phone ;-) Seriously, check out the video. The video shows you how Contacts Cleaner works.
Contacts Cleaner did not remove all duplicates, what should I do?

There are several different reasons why Contacts Cleaner may fail to merge duplicate contacts. The root cause is often other Apps or phone settings that Contacts Cleaner cannot control.

In these cases, you'll need to identify the root cause and then perform a manual work around based on the identified root cause. We have worked with numerous customers to develop a step-by-step check list to solve all known issues.

The following is our recommended procedure for identifying why duplicates contacts remain and how to resolve the issue:

  1. You can watch the following video to see normal operation of Contacts Cleaner, please compare your experience to this:
  2. Did contacts cleaner run without errors? If there are errors, you will see a dialog box with an error code (e.x. E025). Please report the error code and then we will be able to fix the issue or provide a work-around.
  3. If you have any other contacts management software running, temporarily uninstall or disable the Apps, and then run Contacts Cleaner. Some sync Apps will immediately undo the removal of duplicates by Contacts Cleaner. Google sync is an example of an App that will undo the clean.
  4. Check to see if you have 2 address books on your phone. With your device connected to BB Desktop Manager on a computer, go to Backup and Restore > Advanced, and then compare the number for records for "Address Book" and "Address Book - All". If they differ, you have this issue. The following link has a work around for this case:
  5. If you are sychronizing you contacts with Outlook, and you have contacts stored in a sub-folder, you'll need to move the contacts to the top level folder to avoid duplicates. This is a known BlackBerry issue. For more detail see the following BlackBerry KB article.
  6. Examine two duplicates in edit mode to insure they are indeed duplicates. It is not enough to look at the contacts in the address book, you must highlight the contacts and select edit to see the contents of the first name and last name fields. Some sync software such as Google sync will stuff the first and last name in the last name field. Version 2.0 of Contacts Cleaner will handle this situation (You can check the version of Contacts Cleaner by selection menu > About).
  7. If the issue still persist, please send one pair of duplicates to To do this, view one contact of the duplicate pair in the address book, and then select send as attachment from the menu. Then repeat for the other contact in the pair. We will use this data to research why the contacts are not matched.
I bought Contacts Cleaner, but I replaced, wipped, or destroyed my phone. How do I get another copy?
Generally speaking, return to the vendor where you purchased the App and they will be able to supply you with a fresh copy.
If you purchased Contacts Cleaner from BlackBerry, use BB App World to re-install all of your Apps.
My address book has 15,000 contacts in it. Will Contacts Cleaner clean this address book?
Yes, several customer have cleaned address books with more than 10,000 contacts. However, Contacts Cleaner slows down as your address book gets larger. We suggest letting Contacts Cleaner run overnight with your phone plugged in. If you have to stop Contacts Cleaner half way through your address book, that's okay, partial progress is not lost.
Contacts Cleaner is taking a long time to merge my contacts.
Because the software relies on your phone's computing power, it may take a little longer on certain phones. More specifically, if you have an older phone (which is a year or two older) and it has a lot of contacts, you should know that Contacts Cleaner is still working. It may, however, be a little slower than your expectations. It's good to know if you happen to stop the app, there is no need to worry. Work has not been lost and Contacts Cleaner will pick up from where it last began.
Contacts Cleaner is not working. What should I do?
Watch the video so you know how the App operates and what to expect. Look at the other FAQ entries here, we have solutions to several common issues.
You can always contact our helpful support staff at When you contact the support staff, please include your BB model and OS version and a description of how the App failed to work.
Contacts Cleaner runs for a few minutes and then hangs. What should I do?
If Contacts Cleaner is getting stuck on the same contact, look at the contact in your address book. Sometimes there can be unusual data in one or two contacts that causes problems. You can try removing that contact, or perhaps merging that contact by hand, and then run Contacts Cleaner again.
If you have other contact management Apps running on your BB, the other Apps can interfere with Contacts Cleaner. Try disabling or un-installing the other Apps. You can re-enable or re-install the other App once Contacts Cleaner has fixed your address book.
Contacts Cleaner fails with an error code of E025.
One cause of error code E025 is if you have the "Allow duplicate names" option of your address book set to "NO". During the merge, the App writes back to the address book before all duplicates are removed and this can trigger the error. Check the option, and if it is set to NO, set it to YES, run Contacts Cleaner, and then set it back to NO.
Here is how you find the setting:

Contacts -> menu -> Options -> General Options

And a screen shot of the setting:

Contacts Cleaner fails with an error code of E053.
Google sync can cause this error. Temporarily disable Google Sync, run Contacts Cleaner, and then re-enable Google Sync. To disable Google sync, open Google sync, select options and turn off "Sync Contacts".
I love Contacts Cleaner, What should I do?
We really appreciate positive reviews in App stores, blogs, or forum posts.
I hate Contacts Cleaner, What should I do?
We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are in any way dissatisfied, we will issue a refund. Of course, we can often solve the issue, so give tech support a try.
How do I find an error in the event log on my BlackBerry?
1) Run the App and reproduce the error
2) Return to the home screen
3) Holding down the ALT key and type LGLG to open the event log (shown in the below screenshot). Scroll down to find the exception. It will be in bold, and start with "S Java Exception -", the remaining part of the message may differ. You may have to scroll for many pages. You can click on any item to see a time-stamp for navigation purposes.

4) Click on the exception to see the detail. Use the menu (as shown) to copy the event.

5) Open a new message and paste in the event. Send the email to

More Questions?

If you have any questions or suggestion, feel free to contact our support staff at